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Well Made Fishing Lure Set: The Oxmogen jointed swimbaits fishing lures are joined with 7 segments with durable and strong fabric. With ABS Plastic, Steel Wire, Treble hooks, it is durable and strong.

Realistic Looking and Life-like Swim Action: 3D realistic looking eyes and multi jointed body make the Oxmogen topwater fishing lures like a real fish that swims like a real fish.

Streamlined Design: Streamlined design reduces wind resistance during casting, that makes the multijointed  bass swimbait lures very easy and convenient to use.

Various Fishing Environment Suitable: The Oxmogen Jointed Swimbaits has different colors and patterns that are suitable for a variety fishing environment. The fishing lure kit can be used for bass,muskie, roach, trout, yellow perch, walleye and pick lures, both in saltwater and freshwater.

Package Includes: Pack of three 7-segmanet jointed swimbait bass trout pick valleye fishing lures.

Country Time Cost method
Usa 8-12 Free Standard
UK 8-12 FREE Standard
Au 10-15 FREE Standard
CA 10-15 FREE Standard
de 12-18 free Standard
FR 12-18 FREE Standard
oTHERS 15-30 free Standard

Oxmogen 7 Segment 10cm Multi Jointed Swimbaits (Combo sale)

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